Starting the debate

discussionThis blog is a space for discussion and analysis enabling the application of critical thinking tools.

Eventually we will post texts from other authors and expose them to the critical analysis of our readers. The intention of this blog is not so much to express our personal opinions, but to train our acquired skills in analysing information, thus we invite the reader to spot fallacies, elements of rhetoric, illogicality, inconsistencies,m propaganda and many other forms of inadequate reasoning.

Eventually we will also offer texts for debate where the author and the participants express their opinions. However the forum will always have a number of moderators pointing out  aspects of the presented arguments that may be fallacious.

We can discuss anything, from anthropology to zoology. New age, religious and political beliefs, conspiracy theories, and aliens.

The most important technique to keep always in mind is to question ourselves “I do I believe in this?”.

There are many tools to analyse arguments, but they are all worthless in each one of us is not prepared to submit our own beliefs to questioning.

This blog will also summarise many of teh debates that we hold in our Cambridge meetings. We make them public through this blog to allow more people to participate in the debate.

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  1. Anabela Pinto says:

    I am happy to see that you finally managed to include a page that allows members to post our comments.

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